Hair Extenstions


Do you want long hair with-in hours?

Hair extensions are a wonderful way of providing instant length, fullness, and shine to your own hair. Hair extensions can be used for a special occasion, to fix a bad cut that you don’t like, or simply to add volume to your hair if it just won’t grow! Enhancing your natural hair with bounce and volume, our hair extensions are the safest and easiest way to add length and volume without damaging your own hair.

Here at Manly Creative Hair we use 100% Remy Human Hair extensions with a pre-bonded memory tip or synthetic hair that looks and feels real.

We have a variety of different techniques and styles of hair extension methods

How do hair extensions work?

Hair extensions are integrated into hair through a variety of methods, which include sewing of  into “tracks”, use of special bonding glue or even clips, depending on the look you are going for. These integrations do not last forever, sometimes because the attachment breaks but mostly because the growth of your own hair, but usually last for over 8 weeks if well cared for . The three major categories are:

  • Strand by strand extensions
  • Weft extensions
  • Clip-on extensions

Come in today to learn more about these techniques, and their maintenance and ask a consultant how hair extensions could add to your look.

Strand by Strand

Small sectional pieces of hair are attached one by one to small sections of your own hair by using bonding (warm or cold), clamping, shrink tubing, micro tubes.  Weaving or glue were and still are practiced but are older inferior methods of practice.  These methods provide too much risk to your hair and will not be mentioned here.

Links, Microlinks, Beads, Tubes, Rings, or Locks Strand to Strand technique where the extension hair strand and your hair is put through a small tube which is then squeezed shut with a special tool in order to attach the extension to your hair.

Weft Hair Extensions

A weft is a track several inches long on which the hair is attached (a swathe of hair is attached together at the top and freely hanging at the bottom). A weft can be man-made or created by machine.  The extensions are then applied by using one row (track) at the time instead of strand by strand.  Methods of attachment of Wefts consists of   Micro Rings,  Tape, Glue , and  sewing to your hair.

Skin Weft & Tape Hair Extensions
Skin Weft Hair Extensions method. Its also know as the Tape Hair Extensions. It’s an Invisible and light weight attachment. With the Skin Weft extensions, even if someone were to touch your hair or head they wouldn’t even realise you had extensions in as you cant feel them because they are so flat, very undetectable and comfortable to wear.  The attachment section of these extensions is thin and adhere to themselves without any heat or clamping. The result is a micro-thin hair attachment that gives a completely undetectable and light weight result. No beads, sewing, gluing, heat or bulk. If you don’t like the idea of having tiny beads in your hair – then Skin Weft extensions is the method for you!