Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic TattooingCosmetic Tattoo procedures have come a long way over the years. When performed correctly, they can create instantly fuller lips and beautiful definition and colour to the brows, eyes and lips, saving you time each day in makeup application.

Our Staff – Internationally Trained

Sara our Tatoo Artist is a international cosmetic tattoo artist who has worked in Middle East,USA,Australasia, and Europe.

Cosmetic Tattooing, also called derma- pigmentation and micropigmentation, is a way of creating “permanent make-up”. For example it can be used to make eyebrows look enriched with natural colour and shape to suit your face, or to make lips look fuller and more  plump.

However it can also be used medically to replace eyebrows lost to alopecia or other diseases or even to hide scars and blemishes in the skin. It can also be used after breast surgery to recreate the areola (nipple).

Cosmetic Tattooing for 40 Plus

As we get older we loose hair and colour in our eyelashes and eyebrows. Cosmetic Tattooing can give you a very natural look.

(This before and after photo was taken on the same day, some redness will disappear and the tattoo will start to blend and look more natural once the skin has settled)


Manly Creative Hair and Beauty offers the following services (You can decide the colour, blend and shape that

fine-stroke-eye brow tattoo

you like!):

  • Eye Brow
  • “Hair Stroke” Eyebrow Tattooing (Very Natural fine hair stroke in the Eyebrow)
  • Eye Liner
  • Lip Liner
  • Full Lip Colour
  • Beauty Spot
  • Paramedical scars disguising (burns, acne etc)
  • Breast re-colouring
  • Petite body tattoo – small to medium procedures

Before and After Photo of Cosmetic Tattooing


 Association of Professional Aestheticians of AustraliaManly Creative is a member of the Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia

APAA has over the past 51 years set the standards for Professional Beauty Therapy in Australia.