Cosmetic Injections Dermal fillers

Manly Creative now do Dermal Fillers & Cosmetic Injections on Thursday’s come and meet the medical team & book in for an appointment. Phone: (02) 9976 0500.

Our Cosmetic Nurse has over 25 years as a trained and registered Nurse. She is trained as a specialist with cosmetic fillers and works under a Doctor.

It takes up to a week for the full effect to take place, and can last between 3 – 6 months. After a single treatment, muscle movement will return to normal and your lines and wrinkles return to their original state. Having regular top ups will gradually weaken the muscle, and reduce the need (in either volume or time) of ongoing treatments.

The treatment generally takes 15 minutes. Most patients do not need any pain control, but ice packs are a useful method of minimizing the discomfort from the procedure. The amount injected varies from patient to patient, depending on the strength and volume of the muscle, and whether you are requesting softening or complete relaxation of the muscle.